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If I thought setting up an email address was bad then creating this website was the bane of my life.

And I am fully aware that it’s not even a particularly impressive website.

It is, however, the culmination of 30 minutes speaking to an expert on the phone, three hours of internet research, four hours of three supposedly intelligent people with degrees sitting round a laptop (before giving up and going to the pub), and an unhelpful interaction with the WordPress email help team.

Now that is impressive.

I’ve had a blog before so I thought a website would be pretty simple. Is anyone else starting to see a pattern here? I decide to do something incredibly complicated, convince myself it’s going to be easy peasy, things escalate and I threaten to throw a computer out of the window? Yeah, it hasn’t escaped my notice either.

But that’s where this tale, and so many others, began.

I started hunting around on the internet to find out which would be the easiest site to use – there are a lot to choose from, it turns out. Aside from ease, price was a big factor for me; I’m not looking to do anything fancy so I don’t want to pay megabucks.

To cut a long story short I opened a WordPress site. Ta da.

Now I’m going to say some mean things about WordPress (and hope it doesn’t see and then hack/cancel my account), but I should say that I’m sure many of these issues are true of other website companies too, I just haven’t used them. There, that’s my disclaimer, please forgive me, WordPress.

When you buy an account on WordPress you’re allowed access to a number of themes, which determine what your site will look like. That’s a great starting point but my criticism is that it is then incredibly difficult to deviate from that theme in even the simplest of ways.

I wanted to put a headline at the top of blog page. Not allowed.

Change the font? Here’s a choice of three.

Centre text rather than have it to the left? Nope. Not gonna happen.

And the rules are different for each theme. So I spent literally hours going through each one to find the theme which was closest to what I wanted. It’s still not perfect.

It’s also taken me the best part of three weeks to work out how to schedule a blog post to appear on a future date. This may well just be because I’m an idiot, but none of it feels intuitive and making any changes is clunky and long-winded.

I chose WordPress because a web specialist guy (that’s probably not his official job title) told me that should I ever want a proper development team to get involved it making the site all fancy then it’s the easiest one for them to work from. That’s good to know I guess, but right now we’re a long, long way from fancy.

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