Does anyone work standing up?

I think us humans are inherently pretty lazy creatures.

This is never more evident than in the rush to get on the tube.

We have all come straight from our beds or desks, where we have been sitting or laying for around nine hours. But, wow, there is nothing like that panicked crush; that desperate throng all frantically blasting through the hoards to secure the last seat in the carriage. Pregnant women, pensioners – STEP ASIDE.

And all just to sit down for four minutes, because you were only travelling from Bank to Chancery Lane anyway and probably could have walked quicker by the time you let four different overcrowded trains go to find one with a seat.

I always tried to make an effort to stand on the tube. That was my martyr moment for the day. Eighteen minutes a day twice a day on the Central line and, frankly, it was a bit of an effort. And it definitely didn’t happen if I was ill, hungover or just a bit more tired than usual. People think you’re really weird on the tube if you don’t want a seat, too, and some days I just couldn’t face dealing with that.

Now I’m in the house most days and the chair at my desk is apparently not as sought after as a seat on the Central line. Some days I have sat at that desk from 8am to 8pm. Some days, when my backside succumbs to numbness, I might move to a different chair in the house or even to the sofa. Crazy times.

But now I’m scared.

I’ve read lots of things over the years about how sitting down is Killing Us All.

Sitting down for too long is basically to blame for everything wrong with the world and you will almost certainly die if you do it. Probably tomorrow. Maybe you already did but you’ve been sitting down so long you haven’t noticed yet.

But where is the incentive to stand?

I go for a run a couple of days a week and do plenty of other exercise, I make an effort to walk to the shop for a newspaper or run errands in the day – more to make sure I don’t start talking to the wall than anything else – but, just standing? Not so much.

Because standing is pretty boring and it’s not actually very comfortable.

I’ve long taken the Michael out of my brother for standing at the mantelpiece to work. He has a silly little stand for his laptop and everything. But maybe he has a point. (Please no one ever tell him I said that).

So today I am making a stand, as it were.

I’m propped up on the kitchen worktop with my laptop, notebook and a cup of tea.

It’s been about 23 minutes so far. I’ll let you know how long I last.

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