New year’s resolutions

Obviously my first new year’s resolution is to blog more frequently.

It’s been a shamefully long time since my last post and I’m gutted to have missed the opportunity to write up my freelancer ‘top ten ways to not turn the heating on’ ideas and a ‘freelancer’s guide to Christmas cocktails’.

To be fair, I’m not sure I’ve got ten ways to not turn the heating on, you just don’t turn the heating on and pretty soon you get used to it. I genuinely think my inner heating gauge has changed just through sheer willpower; the man of the house kept putting the thermostat up over Christmas and the heat was making me dizzy.

So, that mountain already climbed, what else do I want to achieve this year?

Well, splashes on every national newspaper, of course, and three exclusives a week. That seems doable.

More realistically, however:

Blog more – seriously, I really should. I have about a dozen nearly-finished posts saved that haven’t made it on to the site yet because I worry there’s no point to them, that they’re a bit too personal, or they’re just plain not good enough. But maybe, as the traffic for this website is not quite rivalling Mail Online yet, I should stop worrying so much. I started the blog because I thought it would be a good discipline to make sure I was writing every day and because I found information about freelancing pretty lacking when I was looking around online about it, so I figured if I could write anything vaguely helpful from my own experience that could only be a good thing – I should remember that.

Just say no – to strangers, obviously, but also to work where necessary. A friend summed it up pretty perfectly for me recently when I was getting myself in a spin about whether to do a particular project or not. She said: ‘I guess you just have to ask yourself if that’s the reason you went freelance, so you could do things like that.’ What a beaut.

Be kinder to myself – I’ve been freelancing for nine months now and rarely do I tell myself ‘well done’ and acknowledge that things are going pretty darn well.

Take advantage of free time – While I have no qualms about getting up early to work on a Sunday for some reason I still have a major problem with balancing that by taking some time off in the week. Call it guilt or institutionalisation or just plain stupidity, but I definitely need to acknowledge that the world will not implode if I’m away from my laptop between the hours of 9am and 6pm. I’ve signed up for Spanish classes starting this month, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. They’re going to be on a weekday morning and I already feel pretty anxious about putting myself off grid for one morning a week, but c’est la vie. Oh wait, that’s French.

Resist the leftover Christmas chocolate while I’m alone in the house – this is going to be the really tricky one…

What are your resolutions?

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