What’s your Secret Freelance Behaviour?

With six inches or so of snow on the ground a couple of weeks ago, there was an intruder in the midst.

The husband had to work from home for a day.

For one day it was sort of ok but couples who do this on a full-time basis are to be applauded. He’s an eat your breakfast at 7am, do the chores before work starts, have the radio on all day kind of guy.

Whereas I am an old-before-my-time curmudgeon who doesn’t like to talk to anyone before I’ve had at least two cups of coffee and prefers to type in silence.

And, not only did he commandeer my desk, he also spent the day calling me out on the strange things I do when I’m working from home, which I hadn’t previously realised were odd.

The desk bit I can forgive – it was a rookie error on his part, really. When it’s freezing in the house the warmest place to be is upstairs. When you finally give in and put the heating on, you want the seat at the kitchen table that’s right by the hottest radiator in the house. The desk is great in the summer, but it’s way down my ‘best places around the house to work’ list when it’s cold. 

These are the things you know if work from home in the winter and are useful habits.

My other habits, apparently not so much.

At the risk of alienating about 90 per cent of people here, it reminded me of that Sex and the City episode where Carrie worries about what a boyfriend will make of her ‘Secret Single Behaviour’ when he moves in.

This is the stuff you do only when you’re well and truly alone, and I reckon it applies to freelancers too.

Mine include:

  • Standing in the kitchen, eating cereal from the packet while spying on passers-by through the front window. This usually occurs mid-afternoon when I’m having a slump. 
  •  Sitting so close to the radiator that I get temporary burn marks on my back. They usually wear off before anyone gets home. 
  •  Getting fully dressed but then putting my dressing gown on over the top anyway (this is before that radiator goes on).
  • Shouting insults at the neighbour’s Alexa through the wall when they have it on too loud in the hope that it will hear me. “Alexa, sod off!”, is a favourite.

I’m really hoping this isn’t just me.

What’s your Secret Freelancer Behaviour?



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