I’ve been touring various offices over the past couple of months, doing day shifts while people are on holiday or short-staffed. I’ve been to trendy offices and dirty offices; quiet offices and offices that are freezing cold; offices with work perks and offices with work jerks. And, for any budding businesses out there considering a […]

The idea of being at home more often is wonderful. All that extra time to sit in the garden, keep on top of the chores, and keep the fridge well-stocked. But when you spend more time somewhere, you can’t help but notice some of its faults. One of the fence panels at the end of […]

Freelancers have been sold a dream. A dream of sitting in coffee shops, gazing forlornly out of the window and writing insightful diary pieces for £50 a word. Yes, clearly I’ve watched too much Sex and the City. Naturally, my first experience of coffee shop freelancing was nothing quite so idyllic. It was a sunny […]

This weekend, for the first time since I went freelance, I bought myself something. Nothing fancy – a new bike, which I’ve been talking about getting for two years. On my current hand-me-down bike the only gear left working is five, and it’s really not the best when you’re going up a steep hill. So […]

Something I noticed when I started telling people I was going freelance was just how amazing everyone said it would be. ‘The best you’ll ever do,’ they promised. ‘I’m so jealous – I loved being freelance,’ they admitted. ‘You’ll be rolling in money,’ they swore. I couldn’t help wondering, if freelance was so utterly fantastic […]

I’ve never worked for an online-only publication. I love the fast-moving pace of the online world and the sheers numbers it reaches genuinely blows my mind, but I’ve always felt incredibly lucky to also be able to enjoy the thrill of seeing my byline in print. Not least because it means my grandparents can see […]

Yesterday’s blog about being an honorary commuter got me thinking about office dress code. After my initial excitement about being allowed to wear jeans in an office last week, I thought back to the last time I was allowed more casual attire at work and remembered I didn’t actually like it. There really is no […]

Last week I got to work somewhere where you’re allowed to wear jeans. JEANS, people. In an office! I haven’t worked in a place where jeans are allowed to cross the threshold for years. It’s been many dark years of black tights and sensible skirts. Some more sensible than others, granted. I get the need to brush your hair […]

I think us humans are inherently pretty lazy creatures. This is never more evident than in the rush to get on the tube. We have all come straight from our beds or desks, where we have been sitting or laying for around nine hours. But, wow, there is nothing like that panicked crush; that desperate throng all […]

I read somewhere that it takes 55 days to form a new habit. That’s 55 days straight of forcing yourself to do something you might not really fancy doing before it becomes second nature. It’s something I thought about in the run up to my transition to freelance life. When you have an office job […]