Invoicing and admin is one of my least favourite parts of being self-employed. I keep a spreadsheet of all my work with details of who the article was for, what it was about and the date it’s due. I then note the date I sent the invoice for it and when it was paid. I’m […]

Obviously my first new year’s resolution is to blog more frequently. It’s been a shamefully long time since my last post and I’m gutted to have missed the opportunity to write up my freelancer ‘top ten ways to not turn the heating on’ ideas and a ‘freelancer’s guide to Christmas cocktails’. To be fair, I’m […]

The conversation code of conduct seems to not particularly apply to those people talking to a freelancer. Questions which in everyday life might be considered at best a little uncouth and at worst plain creepy are suddenly perfectly acceptable. We all have those phrases we say to fill the silence, crack the ice and get […]

It’s my freelancer half-iversary today – send (gluten free) cake! For those among you who are interested, that also means we’re halfway through the tax year. It’s also boxer Ricky Hatton’s birthday (seriously, only name I recognised on Google’s list of “famous people’s” birthdays), the 30th anniversary of Fiji becoming a republic, and just 80 […]

I very rarely get sick. Maybe once or twice a year I’m hit by a hammer blow and confined to bed for three days. Why is it that this never happens on that week you have no plans? It’s always when the diary is full of exciting things you’ve been looking forward to. Or, if […]

A freelancer recently told me he had been advised by a lawyer to take out public liability insurance. If you went to a meeting and someone tripped over your bag, the lawyer warned, someone could sue you. Public liability insurance, for the uninitiated, protects you if a client or member of the public is injured […]

I did a freelancer good deed the other day. I was offered some work that there was no way I had the time to do justice to, so I passed it on to another freelancer. If you had told me four months ago I would ever be the position to do that I would have […]

I just got back from a week away. It was lovely, thanks for asking. But the week before I went away was not so lovely. I was pretty nervous about taking my first holiday as a freelancer. I’m hoping to achieve a better work/life balance with this move and yet the idea of leaving the […]

I’ve been touring various offices over the past couple of months, doing day shifts while people are on holiday or short-staffed. I’ve been to trendy offices and dirty offices; quiet offices and offices that are freezing cold; offices with work perks and offices with work jerks. And, for any budding businesses out there considering a […]

The idea of being at home more often is wonderful. All that extra time to sit in the garden, keep on top of the chores, and keep the fridge well-stocked. But when you spend more time somewhere, you can’t help but notice some of its faults. One of the fence panels at the end of […]