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Paperwork problems

I need to get better at paperwork. The admin side of freelancing has never been my favourite. As a sole trader I could just about keep on top of this with a natty little Excel spreadsheet and a bit of luck. As a limited company that strategy doesn’t seem to cut it. I’ve only been […]

Why do banks hate small businesses?

Last week I finally bit the bullet and became a company. While I’m hoping this is going to be the right decision in the long-term, I can confirm that in the short-term it’s a complete pain in the backside. More on all of these delights another time, though. One of the first things I had […]

Ltd Company vs Sole Trader

To be or not to be, a limited company, that is. I’m going back and forth at the moment over the idea of incorporating into a limited company rather than just sticking with sole trader status. Mostly it sounds complicated and expensive. It seems to involve a lot of paperwork, giving too much money to […]

This is why I don’t go out

I don’t get out much. If I’ve not got meetings and I’m not doing a shift somewhere it makes much more sense for me to work from home: the coffee is free, the dress code is relaxed and the commute is non-existent. Occasionally, however, I am forced out into society. It’s usually pretty stressful. I […]

What’s your Secret Freelance Behaviour?

With six inches or so of snow on the ground a couple of weeks ago, there was an intruder in the midst. The husband had to work from home for a day. For one day it was sort of ok but couples who do this on a full-time basis are to be applauded. He’s an […]

Am I being lazy?

Has this just been the longest January ever? It feels like months since Christmas. Mind you, it’s probably a good thing that the longer month has given me time to redeem myself, because I started the year with approximately zero motivation for work. ‘I couldn’t be a freelancer, I would just never get any work […]

When should you send in the heavies?

Invoicing and admin is one of my least favourite parts of being self-employed. I keep a spreadsheet of all my work with details of who the article was for, what it was about and the date it’s due. I then note the date I sent the invoice for it and when it was paid. I’m […]

New year’s resolutions

Obviously my first new year’s resolution is to blog more frequently. It’s been a shamefully long time since my last post and I’m gutted to have missed the opportunity to write up my freelancer ‘top ten ways to not turn the heating on’ ideas and a ‘freelancer’s guide to Christmas cocktails’. To be fair, I’m […]

Inappropriate things to ask freelancers

The conversation code of conduct seems to not particularly apply to those people talking to a freelancer. Questions which in everyday life might be considered at best a little uncouth and at worst plain creepy are suddenly perfectly acceptable. We all have those phrases we say to fill the silence, crack the ice and get […]

Happy (half)birthday to me

It’s my freelancer half-iversary today – send (gluten free) cake! For those among you who are interested, that also means we’re halfway through the tax year. It’s also boxer Ricky Hatton’s birthday (seriously, only name I recognised on Google’s list of “famous people’s” birthdays), the 30th anniversary of Fiji becoming a republic, and just 80 […]